Lillilale Invisible Silicone Push Up Bra- Strapless & Backless- Self-Adhesive, Sticky Cups- Available In Darker Tone For Tanned Skin- Bra Sizes A,B,C & D- Reusable& Easy To Clean Pads

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You’re Fabulous Dress Is Ready For You To Wear It. On the other hand, You’re Missing Some Tiny Details.

The thing is that those tiny details can destroy your whole look- imagine yourself wearing a strapless or backless dress with a normal bra. It would be a disaster.

You definitely need something invisible, something that will support your breasts without being visible through the dress.

There’s where our company comes in- it’s going to provide you with a one-of-a-kind silicone pair of caps that is going to make your breasts look amazing.

Stick them easily, without extra effort and hassle- we guarantee that they are going to fully support your movements all night long!

Sturdy & durable, this self-adhesive sticky bra is going to serve you for up to 20 wears!

Perfect Cleavage. Perfect You.

We know. You’re afraid that this bra is going to look way too lose once you put it on.

No worries- thanks to the push-up effect you will look stunning no matter what!

All you wish to have to do is to place the two pads vertically on either side of your bust, leave 3-4cm between each pad, pull both cups together, secure the buckle in the middle, and that is the reason it!

You’ll be amazed by the results- not only you, but everyone around you in fact!

Feel Fabulous In Your Own Skin.

Sick and tired of that pale color of common gel bras?

Well, the truth is that one nude doesn’t fit all. That’s why we have designed a darker one, that is going to fit all women that have a darker skin!

Completely dedicated to your needs- because you deserve it.

Love Your Breasts And They’ll Love You Back. Order Your Backless & Strapless Bra Today.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: If you at all times prefer high quality products relating to bras, then our self-adhesive backless & strapless bra is going to make your day a breeze. Constructed by hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone, our top-notch bra is never going to cause you skin irritations, redness, eczema or rashes. Wear it now without having a single care in this world.
PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Alright. A formal event is just around the corner, and you wish to have to look stunning in your fabulous strapless dress. You’ll’t wear a regular bra- it would destroy the whole style. We have exactly what you wish to have- our strapless and backless bra is perfect in order to support your breasts even as making them looking firm at the same time.
OUTSTANDING COLOUR CHOICE: Let’s face it- you have a darker skin color and sometimes you feel like those underwear companies don’t really understand your needs. Ditch all of your pale-nude bra gel pads and say hello to our one, available in a darker color. A bra that finally adjusts to your needs- and matches your skin tone in a natural, flawless way.
EASY TO PUT ON: Sick and tired of those self-adhesive bras that keep slipping off? Well, that was the end of an era. Now you are given the chance to get a durable pair of gel pads that is never going to let you down. Stick them before your night-out and get impressed by the result- this bra will hold your breasts tight throughout the whole night.
CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: No matter if you have smaller or bigger breasts, our one-of-a-kind push up bra is going to look perfect on you. Available in many sizes- A, B, C & D! The push-up effect is going to make your cleavage irresistible- wear this gel bra and get your old confidence back!


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